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1494 Campbellsburg Rd

New Castle, KY 40050

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7:30 AM

4:00 PM

Pearson Original Manual Chute



Our Original Manual Chute gets back to the basics of the Pearson brand, offering a simple, high-quality manual squeeze chute at an affordable price.

  • Brisket bar optional.
  • Parallel squeeze from 9” out to 30”
  • Full exit on right side of animal for side or emergency exit.
  • Controls are kept simple, out of the way, and are fully reversible
  • Sold with our self-catch headgate and vertical aluminum tailgate.
  • Easy access to animal with convenient wing gates, removable side boards, and neck door on both sides.
  • Original Manual Chute is commonly paired with the Pearson palpation cage and scale system (not compatible with Pearson wheel kit).

Base Price is $5800