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SILENCER Ranch Model

SILENCER Ranch Model


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SILENCER Ranch Model (also available in the extended model) includes patented full-opening head and tail doors providing 26” of clearance so full-term cows and herd bulls enter and exit the chute without hanging up their lower bodies. Designed for a wide range of livestock sizes and weight.

Moly Manufacturing’s SILENCER hydraulic squeeze chute is the Industry Standard for healthy and happy animals. SILENCER’s outstanding equipment design and superior construction gets the work done faster, quieter, and more efficiently with less animal and operator stress.

Hydraulic features make this product one of the safest and most versatile products in the industry. SILENCER chutes feature low-pressure complete, opening action head & tail doors for advantageous cattle flow, hydraulic neck extender bars, hydraulic head restraint, adjustable neck bars, and extra neck access for precision vaccination placement.

SILENCER’S superior mainframe is durable for the most demanding operations while providing full access to animals. SILENCER has many features that are long-lasting, replaceable and greaseable.