Pearson – Manual Chute (The Proven Original)

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Built in the USA by skilled craftsmen, our patented designs have been used in the industry for over 50 years. We were the first to introduce vertical sides. And our manual chute offers many options to help you configure the right chute to meet your needs. The heavy, rugged construction of our manual chute is powder coated for durability and designed for livestock and operator safety.

NEW! Hydraulic Kits now available to upgrade your current system!

  • Vertical sides allow cattle to move into chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position.
  • ¬†Self-catch auto headgate
  • Automatically adjusts to any size animal as chute is squeezed.
  • No climbing sides or excessive slipping.
  • Neck panels are hinged and swing out for safe access.
  • Wing gates are hinged for quick, easy opening and optimum safety and removable for larger opening. Double wing available for branding!
  • Side boards are removable for foot work and milking.
  • Diamond-plate steel floor improves traction and increases safety.